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Love coasters

Love coasters


These very nice 3 1\2 x 3 1\2" acacia wood coasters will add style and provide protection for your tables. These coaster are 1\4" thick so they are sturdy and can handle being tossed around, dropped etc. without the worry of breaking them. They will come with rubber feet or cork bottom, you choice during checkout. The rubber feet we feel are nicer, but if there are little kids around, the rubber feet, using the best 3M adhesive, can be, with force, picked off. So you may want to go with cork instead.  


*Note: We tested these feet many times during our R&D phase of these coasters, they do not come off easily, you have to intentionally pick and pull them off. 


--What you get with your purchase.

You get 4 coasters that are sanded smooth and sealed. The coasters will have either a cork bottom or rubber feet to protect your table. When ordering select qty =1. This is 4 coasters. If you wanted 8 then select qty=2 etc..


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