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Birthday Celebrations Calendar

Birthday Celebrations Calendar

PriceFrom $50.00

Birthday Calendar - Anniversary Calendar - Birthday reminder - Anniversary reminder


Never forget another birthday or anniversary with this Family Celebrations Calendar.

Handmade with quality wood and sanded to a smooth finish, then stained in a rich dark stain, or you can choose the lighter stain. This celebrations calendar is definitely a show piece while also giving you quick access to family birthdays and anniversaries.


This comes with 25 circles, 15 hearts, 3 remembrance crosses and 30 S hooks to hang them on. The S hooks are easy on and easy off. This should get you started and if you need more just contact us. 


The size is 18 1\2 inches long by 6 1\4" tall. Made of quality wood, this birthday and anniversary celebrations calendar will give you all your birthday and anniversary dates quickly, while looking great doing it.


--Overview of our our Celebrations Calendar.
These are all handmade
Materials: Quality wood (Currently this is Maple or Birch), wooden circles, S Hooks, wooden hearts, wooden crosses (we created the crosses to remember a loved one's  birthday who has passed away)


Height: 6 1\4 inches
Width: 18 1\2 inches
Depth: 1\4 inch


--Here's what comes with our Celebrations Calendar.

- 1 board sanded and stained with a dark rich stain, or a lighter stain, and then sealed with polyurethane.
- 25 1.3 Inch Wooden circles, 15 1.3" hearts and 5 1"x1 1/4" remembrance crosses.
- 25 1" Inch S-Hooks

- Jute Twine to hang it up with (for those that choose the "with holes" option)


--> We have found that a black, fine to medium tip Sharpie works best for writing on tags.

--> Be creative with the circles, paint them, or perhaps use colored markers, blue for boys and pink for girls etc..
--> Keep in mind that wood is not perfect. There are imperfections, color variations, and knicks and knots. We use real maple wood for your calendar and tags to add a level of individuality and uniqueness. 

Also, remember these are all handmade, one piece at a time. They each have unique characteristics in letter placement and design. 


These variations are all very slight, probably not even noticeable. Your calendar is unique, it is not made on an assembly line as an exact duplicate of another.

In saying this, if there is an issue, we have you covered, just contact us as we will take care of you.


We can engrave your names for you at a cost of $25 and that covers up to 50 names.

In checkout, you can enter your names by selecting "send a note to RL Designs". Or simply email the list to


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