Explorer Slate Coaster Series

Explorer Slate Coaster Series


Coasters have come a long way since the late 1700's when they were first used.  In the late 1800's they became popular with promotions, having a company name or product on them.


We realize coasters are much more then functional, they represent you, they are a little promotional add for something you treasure or find important. In this case, a travel experience, the great outdoors, exploration, hunting, fishing, or camping.


These solid slate coasters we believe capture this, "promotional" feel. While providing real protection for you furniture. You also get a very nice looking, unique and custom made coaster.


These Richard Leon Designs coasters are 4" x 4", are very durable, and we have many different options to choose from. Whatever option you choose you will receive 4 coasters. Each coaster is sealed with a coating for easy cleanup, also, each have rubber feet to keep your furniture safe.  


When ordering select qty =1. This is 4 coasters. If you wanted 8 then select qty=2 etc..


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