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Custom Dog Coasters

Custom Dog Coasters


Dog coaster - You had me at woof  - Customized to your breed of dog.


Using Acacia wood we have created a custom coaster collection for most dog breeds. We have nearly 200 breeds we can add on your coaster. These are stylish, fun, and functional coasters. They are 3 1\2" round and 1/4" thick. The engraving actually serves 2 purposes, it looks good plus it help hold the water droplets that fall from the glass. In our testing, this works very well. Since these coaster are sealed they are also protected from the water droplets just like the coaster protects your furniture.

We engrave a little deeper into the wood just for this reason.


You get 4 coaster per order, so remember on ordering the quantity is 1.


Please specify your dog breed and if there is an issue we will contact you. If you don't know the breed, a picture will do, or just tell us a breed your dog resembles.


YES, if you have more than one dog and want different breeds on your coasters you can do that. Please specify the breeds and how many of each you want during checkout.



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